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How U/LINC Works

U/LINC delivers content to instructors via a web-based learning management system (LMS). Just log into the website
and access whatever assets you need for each day or each week of your instruction.

All curriculum is aligned with AWS SENSE, state competencies, and most national standards, and can be articulated
between high school and community colleges..

Additional online content is designed to augment instruction and generate trackable student homework.

U/LINC is not an online, instructor-free program. The curriculum is divided into programs, then subdivided into lesson
plans that you can arrange in whatever order is most appropriate to your training program. You decide what you want
to teach and when you want to teach it. U/LINC gives you the best possible tools to do it.

New Opportunities for the Instructor

You’re no stranger to the classroom. You’ve already established your proficiency at teaching the basics of welding.
U/LINC takes you a step further and opens new career pathways for your students by providing you with
ready-made curriculum to teach traditional and advanced aspects of the trade:

»Engineering and Manufacturing
»CNC Plasma Cutting

No two classroom situations are the same, and sometimes instructors need to make course adjustments.
Without the restrictions of the traditional print platform, web-based U/LINC curriculum is constantly updated
to meet the needs of students, the requirements of academic administrators and the demands of
the welding industry.

Current, Relevant, Complete Materials for the Student

The dedicated student must stay current to be competitive in the welding job market. In the 21stcentury,
where information truly is power, the key to remaining current is 24/7 access.U/LINC delivers real-time student
access to the most up-to-date curriculum available—not just in the classroom, but anywhere and at any time.
The system delivers instant feedback on performance and dispenses with cumbersome textbooks to make room
for more effective learning channels:

»How-to videos
»Online learning
»Lifelong learning

U/LINC also enables the student to take their education with them. Wherever they go, wherever they learn,
their record of transferability follows.

The system also gives students the benefit of dual-credit articulation. High school-level curriculum can dovetail
directly with college-level material, which enables the student to transfer more easily from high school into a
community or technical college without missing a step.

Curriculum Building Blocks

Education is an ongoing process of establishing basic concepts and principles as a platform for subsequent
learning. U/LINC includes a three-tiered program of curriculum, with each level serving as the foundation for
the next.

LEVEL 1: Introductory
»Principles of Welding
»Thermal Cutting

LEVEL 2: Defining Career Pathways
»Production Welding
»Math in Welding Fundamentals
»Intro to Manufacturing and Engineering
»Intro to Automation
»Intro to CNC Plasma Cutting
»Intro to Robotics

LEVEL 3: Preparing to Be a Qualified Welding Technician
»Refining Welding Skills
»Print Reading
»Manufacturing and Engineering
»Math in Welding
»CNC Plasma Cutting

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