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Amatrol’s thermal training systems are the best in the industry. Our learning programs are developed in partnership with industry and education to insure that the skills are on target to support modern industry needs.

To learn more about how our training systems are developed, take a look at Amatrol’s Advanced Manufacturing Program.

Amatrol offers a wide array of training systems to meet the many diverse demands in thermal training. Our learning programs are equally effective for technicians, engineer, production workers and any one needing further understanding and skills in thermal system


Amatrol Geothermal Systems


Amatrol’s 950-GEO1 Geothermal Learning System enables learners to understand and apply their newly obtained skills in the ever-growing area of geothermal energy. This system builds knowledge as well as skills across a broad spectrum, ranging from system startup and operation to shut down and maintenance, in a readily accessible, compact vertical trainer. Harnessing geothermal energy is rapidly increasing in importance as a tool in broadening the energy supply. Designed as a teaching system, this learning system showcases components, often not visible in actual installations, on a vertical panel that permits easy access for hands-on skills and observation. Amatrol includes a ground simulator so that learners gain realistic experience using a continuously operational system like they will experience on an installed system.

Amatrol’s Geothermal Learning System packs a residential-sized system into a 6-ft. (1.83 M) long mobile system that easily fits through a standard door.  Major components include a 2-stage compressor with a 2-ton heat pump, ground simulator, air duct with ECM blower, ground source loop, and industrial grade geothermal controller. These components and many more come standard on the 950-GEO1.

Industry Standard System Components and Features!

From its 2-stage compressor and 2-ton heat pump to the ground source loop that includes a flow center and a header loop, Amatrol’s 950-GEO1 delivers features commonly found in installed geothermal systems but often excluded from training systems. These include a variable speed ECM air blower, water coil heat exchanger, sight-glasses at many points in the system for observing the refrigerant cycle, ample temperature and pressure monitoring, electrical test points, ground simulation, and even the high-density polyethylene pipe specified for use in installed geothermal systems.  These components are clearly labeled and mounted for easy observation on a vertical panel, allowing learners to easily observe and evaluate system operation and performance.


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