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Machine Tending Education Cell

Does your School have CNC Mill or Lathe training?

NOW is the time to take your training to the advanced automation
level with a robot integrated to load and unload your CNC Machine.

Give your students the opportunity to learn real world advanced automation integration with the Machine Tending Education Cell.


  • Front load or side load machine.
  • The tri-fold guarding can be attached to either side. Available area scanner option which does not require guarding.
  • Pre-loaded with load and unload program templates for simple build with no complex programming needed.
  • Drawer load for blank parts is safe and can be configured for other parts in the future.   
  • Utilize the on board I/O built into the LR Mate for integration to the CNC machine.
  • 120 VAC power connection with optional air compressor.
  • Fits through standard door and includes four side pick up and transport.
  • Built-in, lockable tool box for convenience.



  • EDU-MTLR - MTEC CNC Load Unload CERT Cell with LR Mate robot
  • EDU-MTLRL - MTEC CNC Load Unload CERT Cell with LR Mate Long Arm robot


More Information: Machine Tending Education Cell Product Information



FANUC America manufactures a full line of robotic systems for most any application. Assembly, palletizing, packaging, machine tending, part transfer, material removal, welding, painting, and dispensing robots are designed to meet the specifications of our clients automation solution.

Robot applications are then programmed using FANUC program and simulation software to complete the automation process.

FANUC Advanced Manufacturing Certified Training in Robotics and CNC